Black Hill Ballarat

Researcher Neil Huybregts
Biography Neil is a resident of Ballarat and a keen amateur historian with a special interest in Black Hill.
Research  area Black Hill historic artefacts inventory
Project Description According to the 2006 Ballarat Heritage Precincts Study, the “precinct at Black Hill contains the sites of a number of mines which operated at Black Hill and remnants of their plant and works can still be located in the area today, one of the few places in Ballarat city where extensive evidence remains.” This project aims to identify and locate these remnants via geo-referenced photographs of the historic artefacts linked to information regarding the items, creating a database that can be accessed and supplemented by city planners, parkland managers, historians and the general public.

Black Hill, Ballarat, history, heritage, artefact, gold, brick, quarry, cutting, mining, quartz, powder magazine, explosives store, monument, Boy Scouts, Black Hill Progress Association, Arbour Day, adit, shaft, Peter Birkett, fences, Tree for Life

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